About Maple

"We aim to go against the tide of Fast Fashion and enlighten people on a more sustainable way of living."

Fast fashion is the second leading cause of pollution density and more times then none exploits workers and their families in its vicious cycle of greed. 


Maddi Butel, owner and director of Maple Organic Wear is incredibly passionate about not only conserving, but nourishing, growing and connecting with the gift that Mother Nature is through her clothing line. 

Each square of fabric used has been delicately hand woven and naturally dyed in the enshrined land of India, using the Amba Charka method. This means no CO2 is emitted and no electricity is consumed throughout this process! 

All workers associating with Maple are employed under 'Fair Trade India,' with adequate break allocations and wages. Fabrics are chemical free being dyed through natural oils and rice starch therefore protecting workers from harmful substances. Nearly all production is within a 300km radius further developing local communities and reducing carbon footprints. "We wish to support workers in improving their needs through education, sanitation, health and clean water." - Moral Fibre. 


Once the fabric had been finalised, it is then sent here (Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia) where a small team works together on each garment with as much love & care possible, making our products Australian made. 



The essence of Maple is to always G I V E   B A C K. 

We are merely borrowing this world, it needs to be our mission to protect it!