Paying It Forward With Maple

Maple is all about Paying it forward.

Wether it being the aim of an entirely sustainable world, enlightening people towards the fair treatment of workers or stopping the cruel treatment of animals. Maple aims to not only plant blessings in the lives of our immediate passerbys, but to outstretch the gifts we've been granted to those who need it most. 

Through our second range, Mujer, a % of profits are going towards the future education, health and happiness of children homed in Widyah Assi, a beautiful balinese children's home.

Widhya: Knowledge

Assi: Love

Help us to enrich the lives of others daily, creating a more peaceful and connected world for all living creatures. Your purchases are achieving so much more than you gaining a beautiful garment.

Please feel welcome to donate to our current fundraiser Destiny's rescue also which endeavours to end child slavery and exploitation:‎ 




Stay tuned for many more projects to come!